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 Posted: Tue Jul 6th, 2010 11:16 pm
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Road Warrior Yajuta wrote: I bumped the thread over there. Thesz was good at what he did and I can appreciate his ability. He was tailor made to be champ during the era where kayfabe was alive and wrestling was presented as a serious sport.
Terry Funk said TheZ was the shits because he was legit tough and when he felt like it, he'd make the local headliners look like shit and hurt the gates for weeks after he left.

Funny sideline.  When Scott was doing Funks book, I tried to talk the two of them into using the THEZ vs Thesz spelling when referring to him in his book.  After we explained the reason to Funk, he was happier than shit and wanted to go for it.  I guess Scott decided not to do it on the final print.

Thats a shoot.

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