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 Posted: Tue Feb 26th, 2008 05:27 am
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My first experience asking for autogrpahs remains probably my best.  In the Summer of 1971 the AWA put on a show in my town's public auditorium, which is right on the banks of the Mississippi River.  As my dad and I walked in from the back side of the building (the side opposite the main parking lot) I spotted Lars Anderson and Larry Henning leaning on the railing looking out at the river.

My dad helped me scrounge some paper and a pen and I went out alone to see if they were still there, which they were.  I walked up very sheepishly and asked as politely as I knew how for their autographs.  They couldn't have been nicer, asking me my name, what grade was I in school and my age.  When I answered that I was 13, Hennig said he had a son my age, who I relaized years later had to have been Curt.

Oddly the next best experience I had was with Dennis Stamp of all people. Years after the encounter when I was 13, there was another show and this time I spotted Stamp in the parking lot after the show was over.  He was also very nice and seemed a bit flattered that somebodt recognized him.  You may recall him as the guy who pouted over being asked to referee Terry Funk's 1st annual retirement match in Beyond the Mat.

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