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 Posted: Wed Oct 31st, 2007 10:43 pm
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beejmi wrote: I would be interested in seeing Backlund's "drive to the championship".

One of the (never-ending) debates on kayfabememories is if Backlund was a "draw". Those that support Backlund are quick to point out that his win over Graham was a complete surprise and hurt him quite a bit (people did not think he would last)

All I really remember is a TV win over George the Animal Steele. I have heard about a TV Texas Death match vs Tor Kamata where he gets put over well but I do not remember this. I think he may have "done some jobs" before winning the belt (usually done to set up legit challengers for the new champion) but that may also have hurt his "momentum" in the eyes of the fans and added to the "out of the blue" surprise.

The papers were not kind to Bob either at first.  The Philadelphia papers were calling him a uknown even after he won the title.  Bob didnt even wrestle in the WWWF full time before winning the title.  That also hurt him because he was not a full time WWWF wrestler, nor did he have a real history with the WWWF.  It took almost a full year to get Bob over in the WWWF.  Actually he didnt get over till after Graham left in the end of 1978.  Coincidence?   Who knows for sure.  But Pennsylvania and Maine he was not over in for 1978 for sure.

Claw your allowed to take the hidden stuff on my board and post it here for Bobs appearances in the WWWF for 1977 and 1978.  The router is also fixed directly to my home computer now also.  Look thru it in the Texas stuff.   I do have stuff for Backlund there,  Just not sure it all is scanned over yet and loaded their yet.  I have more for 1977 and 1978, but I have not copied them over.  For those who don't understand I have a hidden message board on the internet.  Part of it deals with the WWWF and my personal research into it.  What I have listed there is matches that are not elsewhere on the internet.  Also Claw has direct access to my home computer where there is a server also, and it had tons of stuff on it, that I can not afford to host on the internet.  Basically as I have said, I have to much research, and no time and no place to really unload it correctly.

The only way to finalize my Graham record book was, and is to break every city apart.  So it is what i have been doing.  There is no one else out there doing that type of reasearch.  No one has even technically done the major cities for the WWWF.  So I have been buiding a database that Is getting to be outlandishly big with just WWWF matches that are not elsewhere known.  I have done more than I can even scan over and type up. 

It has been suggested to me that I should open a Capitol wrestling web site for what I have done, starting with McMahon moving into the Washington DC area.  Because I can rival any wrestling web site out there, with stuff no one has.

It sounds bad, but I personally am not adding to this record history.  I jsut dont feel like building up someone elses Backlund career book.  No it isnt against anyone doing such a book, nor is it because he was booked to take the title from graham.  I have never put my finger on why I just dont like the guy.  I respect him for his accomplishments, but I just do not know...

I will gladly donate to the Piper record when it starts for the unknown Texas stuff, and will gladly at times give out total histories of cities at times if there is a need to.


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