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 Posted: Thu Nov 1st, 2007 01:54 am
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I didnt say I wasnt going to share it.  Please read again above and you can see I gave Claw full permission to post anything with Bob in it.  I was stating that I am not going to be adding to the topic at hand.  Claw can add all that stuff easilly.  It is already typed up and ready to go.  And then it will be in chronological order also, rather than me throwing it in after he makes his posts.  And I also said I would donate to the Piper book and also whole cities if need to be.  I jsut personally dont feel like adding to Bobs career personally.  I have no interest or drive to do this.  It is why I left Claw know, so he can add my stuff to it.  Me not shareing would have been for me to private message Claw and tell him specifically not to include that stuff.  My problem is and I can see it already.  If I add to this topic, I will start to make Bob look bad with attendance figures and try to voice my personal opinion of his ability to draw for in 1977 and 1978.  And I realize this would be wrong of me, so I am stepping out of Bobs career so it is done in a nicer way.

I know part of this is my fault for not being all that great with how I say things.  I do share, and share odd stuff.  The problem I see at times is that people think I need to seek out certain individuals, or sites and give them my findings.  I do not owe anyone anything.  I do not need to seek out sites and individuals.  Anyone that I ever got anything from has got ten fold back from me.  I am always getting slack for not going to Cawthorns site and dropping off my findings.  Two reasons I do not do that is:

1. Graham Cawthorn always got his results from the other sites before he started his message board.  He belongs to the same sites I do plus more.  He can easilly copy and paste.  There is no reason I have to report in to him.  I consider him a good friend, and have chatted with him many times.  There is no issues between us at all.  But he is not my boss, and he does not pay for my research.

2.  My site has been accused of stealing his sites work, even tho I have donated hundreds of results to that site, and have given him litteraly tons of clippings.  Yet I am told in the past, I stoled those clippings that are on my site (my own research) from his site.  It just gets absurd at times. It makes me feel like putting water marks over all my clippings to share on the net.  Then no matter what, it would show where they came from.  It is easy to do in massive bunches of pics at one shot.  I just hate to ruin clippings, and it is childish to do that also.

 1959, 1963, and 1964 Bridgeport clippings.  

 Click the above to see the weekly TV taping write ups and results.

I see no one else doing city research like that above.  That stuff is not known all over the internet, nor is it shared.  I shared it, it is my work, hosted by me.  That is a link I dropped off 2 days ago to another message board.   I do have 1960, 1961, and 1962 to add to that.  I just need to finish the web pages for that when I get home.  I am working with them presently on my laptop, but I am also having fun messing with Crimson Mask on another forum board over something he said.  But when I get home I will be uploading the rest of the files to the internet for all to see.  I have brung all the weekly TV taping cards from Washingon, DC before and now from Bridgeport, CT to the internet.  The washington DC stuff when I posted links to it before, for in the 50's and 60's  brung no interest, just more issues.  WongLee posted part of my research into the greater NYC area for one of the years in the 1930's.  That topic did not get one single reply made to it.  Yet it was daily matches, and matches that were never on the internet before that.

This type of stuff is not in any way related to my main drive of resarch.  I did not research Washington DC badck to the late 1800's or the greater NYC area to the same time period for nothing.  It was done to share.  I share, I just like to drop massive amounts off at one drop.  I want my research to be as thorough as possible.  I like my dumps of results to cover every single card held.  Any area I researched, I do that in.

When Cawthorn gets my stuff, he will know it.  It isnt like I am going to be giving him a hundred or so results.  Were talking over a thousand will be dumped on him as it stands right now.   I will keep his butt busy for weeks transfering over stuff.  In the past Cawthorn has instant messaged me, and said to me that he got new Graham stuff, and then dropped me a link.  I went to his site, and seen nothing new.  It was all my own research that others gave to him, but they never told him where they got the material from.  It made Cawthorn and myself both look foolish, because here he thought he had some new awesome stuff for me, and here I thought he found something great for me,  only to find out that it was mine to begin with.

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