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 Posted: Thu Aug 5th, 2010 02:54 pm
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beejmi wrote: The NFC is a schmoz as I don't think New Orleans repeats, I don't think Favre will have the same kind of a year for Minnesota and I'm not ready to select Green Bay either. Arizona is weaker so there I am looking at those frickin Cowboys. I have a hunch either Philly or the Giants will challenge but both teams are too much of a question-mark for me to pick either.

I'm kinda in the same boat as you as far as who comes out of the NFC is concerned.

I have The New York Jets winning their second Super Bowl this season. I haven't been this excited about an upcoming Jets NFL season since 1999. But we know how that all turned out. I firmly believe to this day that The Jets would have won the Super Bowl that year if not for Testaverde getting knocked out for the season in the first game.

As of now I'm kinda leaning towards the same pick as I think it was The Sporting News, (someone posted it about a month or two ago here) with The Jets beating The Cowboys in Dallas.
Regardless of who comes out of The NFC, though I'm firmly behind the Jets winning it all, and unlike most other years when I usually just make the 'Homer' pick and always just pick The Jets regardless of how they look in the off-season, this year I really think they got the best shot of doing it.
Also I don't think The Dirty Sanchez will be affected by the 'sophomore jinx,' as people like to call it. I think he only gets better this year.