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 Posted: Tue Aug 10th, 2010 06:57 pm
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I'm just thinking about locks or near locks towards the end of their careers, because too many guys still have a long way to go based on speculation


Mariano Rivera
Trevor Hoffman

Is that it? I can't think of any starters who are near the end of their career who are locks. Moyer's just not a HOFer, and Pettite's still iffy.

DH: Vlad Guerrero. Jim Thome probably if he gets to 600 hr

1b: I'll contend that if Pujols retired at season's end he'd get into the HOF so even though he's not near the end of his career, to me he's already done enough

2b: No one

SS: Derek Jeter

3b: Alex Rodriguez. Close but probably not there is Chipper Jones

OF: Manny Ramirez

I'll Include Griffey since he retired during this season

So is this pretty much it for the classes who retire in the next 5 or so years?

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