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 Posted: Tue Aug 10th, 2010 09:15 pm
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Mariano Rivera
Trevor Hoffman

I'm a bigger-Hall guy but I in no way think Hoffman belongs.  He's the all-time leader in a junk stat, the guy he displaced isn't going into the HOF, and his pitching in "big games" is absolutely abysmal--I hold closers to a higher standard in that particular regard than everyday players or pitchers.  There are very, very few HOF-caliber closers, but as far as active guys I think Wagner may end up with a better resume when all is said and done.

Is that it? I can't think of any starters who are near the end of their career who are locks. Moyer's just not a HOFer, and Pettite's still iffy.
I wasn't sold on Pettitte for awhile but the guy keeps on pitching and pitching well.  I may have to reconsider.

He retired last year but Mike Mussina should go in.  I would say Johan, Halladay, CC, and Tim Hudson are building strong cases.  Chris Carpenter is a longer way off but I could see him building an eventual case.

In addition to CC and Halladay, Mark Buehrle strikes me as the active guy most likely to reach 300 wins.  It would be a Don Sutton-esque career but with a no-hitter, a perfect game, and postseason heroics it should be enough to get him in easily should he pull it off.

DH: Vlad Guerrero. Jim Thome probably if he gets to 600 hr

1b: I'll contend that if Pujols retired at season's end he'd get into the HOF so even though he's not near the end of his career, to me he's already done enough

Agreed.  He's reached the 10-year threshold.

Two guys on the cusp would be Todd Helton and Carlos Delgado (technically still active, or will be very soon)

2b: No one

Not that he passes the Bus Test yet, but if I had to pick a Most Likely HOFer among current 2B it would be Chase Utley.

SS: Derek Jeter

Overrated but still a Hall of Famer.  The Nolan Ryan of position players, though Jeter was a far better player than Ryan was a pitcher.  It really looked like we had a trio of HOF shortstops going all at once with Nomar and Tejada.  I wouldn't say no just yet on either of those guys but they may not make it.

I'm an Indians fan and I find the idea of Omar Vizquel being a Hall of Famer to be ludicrous, but I have a sneaky feeling he's going to get in because he was supposedly "pure" and stuff in a steroid era.

3b: Alex Rodriguez. Close but probably not there is Chipper Jones

Jones isn't close--he punched his ticket awhile ago.

Remember when Eric Chavez looked like a future HOFer?

OF: Manny Ramirez


I also predict that if Jim Edmonds plays well down the stretch (and he's had a great season so far) and the Reds get into the postseason, that legitimate HOF discussion will come up regarding him.  And I'm not sure there'd be much of a case against him.

Johnny Damon is less than 500 hits away from 3,000.  Hardly a guarantee but it'd be hard to keep him out if he made it.

You didn't list catchers, but Ivan Rodriguez should be past discussion at this point, juice or no juice.