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 Posted: Thu Aug 12th, 2010 02:29 pm
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its REALLY hard to get in the Hall these days and if guys like Bert Bleyleven and Jack Morris can't get in well they had better careers than Andy Pettite or Tim Hudson or Chris Carpenter.  A few good years isn't enough.  Doug Drabek had a few good years and he has no chance of getting in. 

A Rod and Manny will suffer the steroid curse.  If they get in its a long ways away.

Ken Griffey Jr is a 100% first ballot lock.

Jim Thome will get in but will be Jim Rice/ Andre Dawson like in the time frame.  Vlad Guerrero same think maybe longer.  I think same goes for Chipper Jones its going to take 10 years of trying.

Jeter will get in but I don't think the first ballot, maybe but I think 2nd try hes in.

Mariano Rivera gets in maybe first ballot maybe second.  Hoffman well see Lee Smith.

Puljos is a lock already I think unless the steriod thing catches up to him.

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