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 Posted: Thu Aug 19th, 2010 06:19 am
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Here's everything that's wrong with the umpires issuing these stupid "warnings" to both benches.  Yankees vs. Tigers tonight with Bonderman pitching and he and the Yanks have a history so the umpires were no doubt told to be on guard.  Very first pitch of the game for Bonderman and he hits Gardner on the foot with a ball that dives down and in.  Clearly not intentional, but umpire Eric Cooper jumps around trying to get his SportsCenter time and warns both benches, causing both Leyland and Girardi to object.  Miguel Cabrera goes on to hit 2 homers and Gaudin winds up plunking him in the 8th, which should clearly be an automatic ejection based on the earlier warning and the suspicion that arises when a guy having a big night gets hit (Gaudin clearly wasn't trying to hit him, just saying he still needs to be ejected based on the situation or the whole "warning" thing is rendered impotent).  Well Cooper doesn't eject him and Leyland justifiably goes apeshit and gets ejected himself.  Next inning, Enrique Gonzalez throws behind Jeter, the most obvious attempt at trying to bean someone all night, no doubt called by Leyland in the runway.  And Cooper...doesn't eject him either.  So now Girardi argues and Cooper is just standing there like, "I really fucked this whole game up, we all know it, so I'm just going to do a make-up call here and hope it all goes away".  He totally loses control and causes a beanball war all because he gave a stupid warning on the first pitch of the game.  And when all is said and done, only Leyland is ejected for arguing that no one was ejected.  WTF?!

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