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 Posted: Thu Aug 26th, 2010 02:57 am
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Because after years and years of being an underdog, often a TERRIBLE team, and (in the past couple decades or so) occasionally been competitive enough to disappoint fans when they blow big games or seasons, they are now THE HUNTED.  From America's feel good story last year to the team everyone is gunning for and more people will be against because of the band-wagoners. They are one of, if not THE, most exciting team to watch because of a high octane offense and an aggressive, risk-taking (though far from sturdy) defense, top notch special teams and a coach with nuts like King Kong. They have one of the true super QB's of the league, a top notch O-Line, and big time playmakers at various skill positions.  And they have a chance to join the very rare club that repeats as champs after their 1st championship win.  For interest level, I think THE SAINTS are hard to beat if looking for a team to follow closely week after week.

Plus, New Orleans is one of the most unique and interesting places in the country & the Gulf South has been a hot topic these past few years.  Get in now with the league's next dynasty!  Watch 'em do what everyone says can't be done (again)!

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