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 Posted: Sat Aug 28th, 2010 02:03 am
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BayouBoogie wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote: So far the standings are: ( subject to change, of course)

1. Jets
2. Lions
3. Bears
4. Niners
5. G-Men

Eff the Jets. Don't get caught in the hype. Their bandwagon is filling up and they have some punks on the team too.

Lions should be fun to watch and I think they are on the rise, but they won't be a true contender yet. If you want to win it all now, no, but if you might stick with them it might be good to get in now before they blow up and the bandwagon fills up.

Eff the Bears

49ers are in a similar boat to the Lions, IMO. I could see rooting for them.  I expect them to be better than the Lions right now too. I'm picking them to win their division.

I like the G-Men and am a big Eli fan, but if you are boycotting the Eagles just because of the Vick situation, do you really want to switch over to an in-division rival?

But I still say the Saints. Yes, they are the champs and had an overflowing bandwagon last year, but so many are already jumping off and hardly anyone outside of their serious fan base thinks they have a prayer to repeat. I think rooting for them to repeat after 45 years of futility will be more fun than last year, and that's saying a LOT because last year was straight magic.  And like I said, no one is more fun to watch.

Not the hype. Rex is the son of the great Buddy Ryan.