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 Posted: Sat Aug 28th, 2010 02:18 pm
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cookie32723 wrote: The Hammer wrote: Count Grog wrote: I have been a Vikings fan most of my life.  I don't think I have anything to offer to make you like them.  Everyone hates Brett Favre, they never won a Super Bowl but have choked many time sin big Playoff games, their coach is a pussy and its cold as a witches tit there.  Ummm Viking women have blonde hair and big ankles?  We don't suck as bad as Detroit?  Its better than being a Cowboys fan?
I like Bret Favre.

And I agree, I like Bret Favre too.  I could give two shits what he does in the offseason and I would do the same damn thing as him if I were in his shoes.

You'd purposely screw over your employer who pays you millions and kisses your ass just so you can get increased media attention each year (screw the skipping offseason workout crap, he could still do that and tell the team if he's coming back or not)? Why?

Also, I'd hate Favre on my team because I KNOW he's going to choose to try and make crazy plays late in important games "because it's fun," and no doubt, for people to say "look what Brett Favre did" rather than do what's right to win the game. He's done it time and time again.  That selfishness makes him fun to watch to some, but the fact remains is that he will screw his team on and off the field in exchange for "look at Brett Favre!"

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