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 Posted: Tue Aug 31st, 2010 02:10 am
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BuddyPSHayes wrote:
cheapseats wrote: BuddyPSHayes wrote:
cheapseats wrote:
Pull for the Texans because we just handed Romo and company's ass to 'em last night.

True but I'll still take it. For bragging rights, if nothing else.

You do that. We'll just have to use that space where the governor's cup was and put in another one of those trophies with Mr. Lombardi's name on it.
Let's be honest with ourselves. Neither Dallas or Houston are going to the SB this year. The Cowboys are a lock for the NFC East but would still have to deal with Minnesota or NO. Barring a LOT of missteps by Peyton & Co., the Texans are a wild card team at best. That's it.

Never said that I could 100 % substantiate it. And convincing you 100 % is not a concern of mine.