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 Posted: Sun Mar 2nd, 2008 06:19 pm
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Here's a general overview and some dates;

Orndorff debuted on WWF Tv in 11/83.

Piper debuted (along with Shults & Hogan at the same taping) on Tv aired 1/7/84. The next week Piper accompanied Orndorff to the ring. The Orndorff-Piper-Shults trio was associated with each other through the bulk of '84.

Bobby Heenan debuted approx. 10/84, and became Orndorff's manager around mid Nov.

Orndorff was back associated with Piper for the WM1 push, while Heenan was involved with Studd & Patera vs. Andre.

Orndorff fired Heenan late Apr. '85 on TNT, and on the SNME aired 5/11/85, was attacked by Ace Orton & Piper during a "Live Piper's Pit". Later during that show, in the Hogan vs. Orton match, Piper attacked Hogan, and Orndorff with Mr.T came in for the save.