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 Posted: Fri Nov 2nd, 2007 11:52 am
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great to see the early Backlund results, thanks for posting those

will just say that Ron had always been very generous in sharing stuff with me, problem is once something is posted on the internet it really becomes everbody's, people use pics and info from my site all the time, there are sites that just hotlink to my pics in their profiles etc, once I put it up it is free game really  if they plug the site or give credit then it's a bonus. I never put stuff up to get credit just to share it

it becomes very convoluted , when someone credits Graham for example when they post WWWF results , they are really crediting everyone who has ever contributed to his site, Clawmaster too , I credit CM all the time but if he got them from someone else it is a credit for him giving them to me

I have contributed tons of stuff , mostly clippings to many of the territory sites out there and have received much in return, I am not a historian by any means , have spent some hours in the library but mostly just collect stuff so am very appreciative to those who do all the grunt work !

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