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 Posted: Mon Sep 27th, 2010 12:31 am
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Here's another batch I dug up from about 40 minutes of search:


Fri.  May 8, 1964
Uptown Arena, Modesto, CA

7 ft. Steel Cage match:  Kenji Shibuya beat Red Bastien
Pepper Gomez beat Buddy Austin
Dick Steinborn beat Karl Von Brock by DQ
Attendance: 500

Sat.  December 12, 1959
Reading Armory-  Reading, PA

Antonino Rocca & Red Bastien beat Wild Bull Koury (Curry) & The Sheik of Araby in 2 straight
Guy LaRose beat Ted Lewin with a bodypress
Mark Lewin beat Chet Wallick with a reverse half nelson
Luis Martinez beat Jack Vansky with a bodyslam
Referee:  Eddie Weber
Timekeeper: John Ramanski
Announcer: Harold (Runt) Runyeon

Friday, November 26, 1965
Sydney Stadium-  Sydney, Australia

World Title Match: Karl Gotch vs Spiros Arion (60 min.  best of three falls)
Skull Murphy vs. Mark Lewin 
Ron Reed vs King Curtis
Red Bastien vs. Roy Heffernan
& "a tag wrestle for local matmen"

Wednesday, March 20, 1957
City Auditorium-  Gadsden, AL

Tor Yamato & Wild Red Berry vs Chris Belkas & Dan Miller
Southern Jr. Heavyweight title:  Tor Yamato vs Dan Miller
Chris Belkas vs Wild Red Berry
Referee's Grudge Match: Freddie Lee vs.Roy Wilson

"Wrestling will be held on Wednesday night of next week, with the regular Thursday night bouts to be resumed April 4"


Monday, August 13, 1960
McCurdy Park-  Corunna, MI
Shiawassee County Free Fair

Leaping Larry Chene vs Brute Bernard
Louie Martinez vs Bulldog Brower
Midgets:  Irish Jackie vs Bouncing Bernie Burke
Happy Humphrey (750 lbs) vs Walter White (330 lbs.)


Friday, November 6, 1959
Florence National Guard Armory-  Florence, AL

Tor Yamato vs Leaping Larry Chene -Wire Cage Texas Tornado Death match
Corsica Joe vs Charlie Keene
Don Kent (formerly Black Dragon #2) vs Corsica Jean
Promoter: Bill Golden


Wednesday, February 27, 1957
St. Petersburg Armory- St. Petersburg, FL

Battle of the Giants: 6'4" Fred Atkins vs. 6'7" Don Leo Jonathan
Elaine Ellis vs Mae Weston
Yukon Eric vs. John Smith


March 10, 1957
Lake Worth Arena-  Lake Worth, FL

Ella Waldek beat Elaine Ellis to win a 5-girl wrestle royal in 30 minutes
Texas Death Match:  Yukon Eric beat Don Leo Jonathan


Saturday, January 31, 1970
YMCA-  Lexington, NC

No DQ:George Becker & Johnny Weaver beat Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard
on reverse decision (Special Referee: Pepper Gomez)
Kurt Stroheim & Art Nelson beat Luther Lindsey & Abe Jacobs
Rudy Kay beat Panch Valdez with a stump-puller in 16 minutes
Terry Kay beat Pedro Valdez with a Boston Crab in 13 minutes