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 Posted: Tue Oct 5th, 2010 10:08 pm
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A few Gagne promoted cards after 1990. I don't count these shows as official AWA cards but they do get asked about from time to time.

5/2/91 Bemidji, MN
Wahoo McDaniel & Baron Von Raschke beat Wayne Bloom & Mike Enos
Larry Cameron ddq Tommy Jammer
Ricky Rice beat Jamie Magnum
Karate Kid beat Little Tokyo
Buck Zumhofe beat Johnny Love
att: 450

5/3/91 Bloomington, MN @ Bloomington-Kennedy High School
Greg Gagne & Wahoo McDaniel beat Mike Enos & Wayne Bloom when Gagne pinned Enos
Larry Cameron beat Tommy Jammer
Steve O beat Ricky Rice
Buck Zumhofe beat Johnny Love
The Karate Kid beat Tokyo Joe

From 1994,

Jan. 22, Verne Gagne promoted a guaranteed show paid for by Treasure Island Casino in Red Wing, Minn. Attendance was free and the show, which was heavily advertised in the local papers in the preceding week, was used to draw new customers to the highly competitive casino industry in Minnesota. An estimated 700 were allowed to enter the facility before they closed the doors, turning away hundreds, many of whom went next door to gamble.

Steve "The Viking" Berg beat Randy Gust, "Mean" Mike Enos beat Baron Von Raschke, Larry Zbyszko beat Repoman, and Jim Brunzell & B. Brian Blair beat The Texas Hangmen in the four-match, one hour card.

American Wrestling Association Dec. 18 at the Treasure Island Casino in Minnesota, the AWA held their second four-match card for free for patrons of the casino. Mike Enos pinned Buck Zumhoff, Erik Watts pinned Wayne Bloom when Mike Enos interfered, Bobby Darren & Karate Kid beat Little Tokyo & Cowboy Lance, and Larry Zbyszko pinned Tito Santana when special referee Nick Bockwinkel made the three count. Lots of restholds throughout, especially in the main event. About 345 were in attendance. Verne Gagne was in attendance behind the scenes.

Last month at the same location in front of around 400, Baron Von Raschke (virtually immobile) beat "Hater" Jamie Magnum, Jerry Lynn beat J.B. Trask, Destruction Crew ( Enos & Bloom) beat Erik Watts & Chad Fortune, and Santana beat Zbyszko via DQ when Zbyszko hit Bockwinkel.

American Wrestling Association Jan. 22 at Treasure Island Casino in Minnesota (375), Jerry Lynn wrestled J.B. Trask to a draw (Lynn was pinning Trask as the time limit expired, although the three count should have fit in before the bell rang), The Evil Clown pinned Randy Gusto, Candi Devine pinned Peggy Lee Leather to retain the AWA Treasure Island Womens Title, and Larry Zbyszko defeated Wahoo McDaniel.

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