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Wednesday, February 17, 1965
High School Gym- Bowling Green, KY  8:30pm

Grudge Match:  Tojo Yamamoto vs. Jackie Fargo
Gene Dundee & Mitsu Hirai vs. Mack York & Len Rossi
Robert Mullikan & Melwood Lee vs. Wayne Stinson & Jerry Meadows
Allan Curtis & Phil Breeden vs. McCoy Vanmeter & Ven Decker

(opening 2 tag matches billed as "amateur affairs")


Thursday, August 3, 1972
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL
Promoter: Bob Seymour

The Masked Interns (with Dr. Ken Ramey) vs. Cowboy Frankie Lane & Tojo Yamamoto
George Hultz vs. Oni Wiki Wiki
The Masked Medic vs. Kevin Sullivan


Thursday, May 2, 1974
Florence, AL

Joey Rossi & Nick DeCarlo beat Tojo Yamamoto & Mr. Kamikazi
1-Rossi/DeCarlo  2-Yamamoto/Kamikazi with wooden shoe  3-Rossi pins Kamikazi when Tojo hit his partner with the shoe.

Mike Jackson beat The Devil's Disciple (sub for Buddy Wayne) 2-1
(original matchup scheduled to be a Coal Miner's match)

Thursday, May 16, 1974
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL

Charles & Frank Morrell (with Sir Clements) beat Mike Jackson & Rufus Jones 2-1

Joey Rossi & Buddy Wayne beat Mr. Kamikazi & Charles Morrell (sub for Tojo Yamamoto)  2-0

Mike Jackson drew Sir Clements

Wednesday, May 12, 1965
High School Gym- Bowling Green, KY  8:30pm


Gene Dundee vs. Tojo Yamamoto
Mitsu Hirai vs. Jackie Fargo
The Scufflin' Hillbillies vs/ Al Gomez & Mickey Sharpe
plus two amateur matches:
Bob Uullikin & James Meustion vs. Pete Green & Franklin Orange
Oliver Clive vs. Charles Gentry
Referee: Lonnie J. Evans

Tuesday, March 25, 1969
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL   8:15pm

Lenn Rossi, Buddy Wayne & Johnny Walker vs. Mack York, Tojo Yamamoto & Johnny Long 2/3 60:00
Ray Lewis vs. Buddy Hackney  2/3  60:00

Tuesday, March 18, 1969
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL  8:15pm

Len Rossi & Buddy Wayne vs. Johnny Long & Tojo Yamamoto  2/3  60:00 (Special Referee: Johnny Walker)
Ken Lucas vs. The Great Mephisto  2/3  60:00
Johnny Walker vs. Ramon Perez


Thursday, July 19, 1973
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL

Duke Myers & Terry Garvin (with Jim Garvin) beat Bearcat Brown & Joey Rossi (w/Len Rossi & George Gulas)
Johnny Marlin, Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett beat Sam Bass, Jerry Lawler & Jim White 2-0
Tojo Yamamoto beat Sam Bass
Johnny Marlin drew Jim White
Jerry Jarrett beat Jerry Lawler by DQ

Thursday, July 28, 1966
Beech Bend Raceway- Bowling Green, KY  8pm

Tojo Yamamoto vs. Mario Milano
10 Round Boxing Match: Len Rossi vs Tamayo Soto
Saul Weingeroff vs. Mack York
Cyclone Atlas vs. Corsica Joe


Thursday, April 28, 1966
High School Gym- Bowling Green, KY  8pm

The Medics vs. Tojo Yamamoto & Tamayo Soto (Masks vs. Loser Leaves Town)
Diamond Lil vs. Little Darling Dagmar
Scufflin' HIllbilly Rip Collins vs. Mack York

Thursday, December 13, 1973
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL  8pm

Joey Rossi, Tojo Yamamoto & Jackie Fargo vs. The Kangaroos & Steve Clements
Jackie Fargo vs. Al Costello
Jeoy Rossi vs. Don Kent
Tojo Yamamoto vs. Steve Clements

Thursday, June 28, 1973
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL

Dandy Jack Donovan & Bearcat Brown beat Terry Garvin & Duke Myers  2-1
Tojo Yamamoto beat Bill Costello 2-0

Thursday, April 12, 1973
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL  8pm

Ben Justice & Tojo Yamamoto vs The Kangaroos (with George Crybaby Cannon)
Rock Riddle (Mr Wonderful) vs Joey Rossi
Thomas Marlin  vs George Cannon


Thursday, November 23, 1972
Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum- Florence, AL

10 round Boxing match: Len Rossi beat George Hultz by DQ
(8th Round- Hultz' second Don Duffy placed brass knuckles in gloves)

Bill Dromo beat Don Duffy by DQ (Bobby Hart interfered)
Continental Warriors (Bobby Hart & Lorenzo Parente) drew Ken Lucas & Tojo Yamamoto  1- Hall b Parent  2-H&P win b Tojo 3-draw

Thursday, May 9, 1974
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL

Joey Rossi beat Tojo Yamamoto 2-1
1-Judo Match (Tojo) 2-Wrestling (Rossi) 3-Boxing (Rossi)

12 round Boxing: Mike Jackson beat Buddy Wayne by DQ
Mr. Kamikazi beat Vic (Scufflin' Hillbilly) 2-1 (won 2nd & 3rd)

Tuesday, December 10, 1968
Florence Armory- Florence, AL   8pm

Lou Thesz vs. Tojo Yamamoto
Len Rossi & Johnny Walker vs. Johnny Long & Saul Weingeroff
Dennis Hall vs. Jesse Morales

Tuesday, October 8, 1968
Florence Armory- Florence, AL

Johnny Long, Saul Weingeroff & Tojo Yamamoto vs. Les Thatcher, Johnny Walker & Buddy Wayne 2/3 60:00
Dick Rose & Len Rossi vs. The Mighty Yankees   2/3 60:00