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Saturday, August 6, 1966
Fairgrounds- Eugene, OR  8:30pm

The Great Fugi & Haru Sasaki vs. Rene Goulet & Jerry Miller
Shag Thomas vs. Don the Savage
Paul Diamond vs. Lonnie Mayne

Thursday, March 16, 1967
County Hall-Charleston, SC

Nelson Royal, Tex McKenzie & Klondike Bill beat Bronko Lubich, Aldo Bogni & Homer O'Dell
Haru Sasaki beat Jesse James
The Amazing Zuma beat Nick Adams
El Gaucho drew Bull Ramos

Saturday, March 11, 1967
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Tex McKenzie & Nelson Royal beat The Infernos by 3rd fall DQ
1-Infernos in 13:00  2-Royal w/Bulldog headlock 3:00  3-Royal/McKenzie by DQ 2:00

Kurt Von Stroheim drew The Amazing Zuma
Henry Von Stroheim beat Jesse James via kneelift 17:00
Gary Peterson beat Pedro Godoy 15:00 with a victory roll

Saturday, August 12, 1967
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Klondike Bill & Missouri Mauler DDQ Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson in 3rd fall
1-Mauler p Hawk 6:00  2-Hanson w/neckbreaker 5:00  3-DDQ by ref Sma Roberts in 5:00

Luther Lindsey beat Bull Ramos 22:00 after headbutts
PY Chung beat Jerry London 17:00
Haru Sasaki beat Sonny Fargo 16:00 with judo chops

Saturday, August 19, 1967
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Battle of the Bullies: Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson vs. The Infernos (with JC Dykes)
Klondike Bill vs. The Mummy
Les Thatcher vs. Gene Dundee
Rudy Kay vs. Tony Romano


Saturday, February 4, 1967
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Henry & Kurt Von Stroheim beat George & Sandy Scott 2-1
1-George w/sleeperhold 14:00  2-Henry w/backbreaker 4:00  3-Henry p Sandy after ramming him into exposed turnbuckle behind ref's back 7:00

Missouri Mauler beat Jesse James 12:00
Dixie Jordan beat Linda Christian w/ monkey flip 9:00
The Amazing Zuma beat Tony Romanao w/ cannonball 16:00


Saturday, February 11, 1967
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Henry & Kurt Von Stroheim vs. George & Sandy Scott
Mike Paidousis vs Klondike Bill
Haru Sasaki vs. Sonny Fargo
El Gaucho vs. Johnny Heideman


Friday, June 7, 1963
Ponce de Leon Ballpark- Atlanta, GA   8:30pm

NWA World Heavyweight title: Lou Thesz (c) vs. Dick the Bruiser  (Sam Muchnick at ringside)
Tarzan Tyler vs. Dickie Steinborn

Also appearing: Bill Dromo, Silento Rodriguez, Derrel Cochran, Lenny Montana, Two Ton Harris, Tito Kopa, Bulldog Lawley, Corsica Joe, Chief Little Eagle, The Hillbillies, George Bell, Ray Gunkel, "plus two top female Negro wrestlers and two lady midget grapplers"