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 Posted: Sun Oct 31st, 2010 03:20 am
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Okay fuckers,I am totally wated right now on this stuff right here

and this stuff,too,since the store only had 1 6 pack of the ruguler stuff and one of these

anways,since I'm drinking good beer and am half as wasted,I fiugured it would be a good ebough time as any to fighure out by asking the ultimate question:What is you favorite kind of beer?

I have myslef allways drunk Miler lite or Michelon Ultra until one of my buddies introduced me to Yeungling,and it is esaily the best brew I have ever tasted or drank,I love it!!

Anyways,that isn't important,what is importabnt is that I am drunk and taking a survey:What is your favorite beer?Simple as that.

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