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 Posted: Mon Nov 22nd, 2010 02:21 am
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Friday, September 21, 1951
Armory-Hopkinsville, KY  8:15pm
Promoter: Nick Gulas

Herb and Jack Welch vs. Wild Bill Canny & Jacobo Macias
Herb Welch vs. Wild Bill Canny  1 fall 30:00
Jack Welch vs. Jacobo Macias  1 fall 30:00


Tuesday, October 26, 1954
City Hall- Lewiston, ME  8:30pm
Attendance: est 700
Promoter: Sam Michael

Roy McClarity (The Winnipeg Flash) beat Wild Bull Curry 2-1
1-McClarity w/sleeper 12:00
2-Curry in 14:00
3-McClarity in under 3:00

Steve Lutz beat Les Ruffin (sub for Manny Cortez) 2-0
Tom Angelo beat Johnny Rougeau

Monday, October 25, 1954
Boston, MA

Verne Gagne drew Roy McClarity
Manny Cortez had a match in which he was injured


Tuesday, March 7, 1939
San Francisco, CA

Dean Detton beat Lou Plummer 2-0 to win the Pacific Coast heavyweight title
1-Detton via backdrop in 0:23
2-Detton with an arm scissors in 30:15

Wednesday, March 8, 1939
Civic Auditorium- San Jose, CA
Promoter: Hal Moore

Lou Plummer vs. Al Billings 2/3 falls 60:00
Ivan Managoff vs. Hans Kaempfer  2/3 falls
Dr. Freddie Meyers vs. Billy Hanson
Baron Benny Ginsberg vs. Pierre DuSette

From the newspaper ad: Lou Plummer-So mean he won't eat anything that agrees with him vs. Al Billings- So tough he wears barbwire neckties.


Monday, February 10, 1941
The Forum-Montreal, Canada
Attendance: about 3000

Jack Sharkey referee: Dynamite Joe Cox beat Lou Plummer 2-1
1-Cox in 11:22
2-Plummer in 13:16
3-Cox in 3:37

Tommy Rice beat Abe Kashey in 29:30
Johnny (Dropkick) Murphy beat Frank Valois with six healthy drop-kicks in 24:05
Dean Detton beat Whitey Grovo in 11:27

Saturday, June 30, 1956
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Jim Austeri & Tiny Mills vs. Lou Plummer & Don Arnold
Judy Grable vs. Slave Girl Moolah
Jack Wentworth vs. Wally Lamb

Thursday, November 10, 1955
Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

Lou Plummer vs. Mighty Ursus
Don Kindred vs. Prince Maiava
Ivan Kamiroff vs. Lou Newman
Luther Lindsey vs. George Drake
Vern Taft vs. Pedro Godoy