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 Posted: Tue Nov 23rd, 2010 04:15 am
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Thursday, February 27, 1969
Sports Arena- Toledo, OH  8:30pm

Thunderbolt Patterson vs. Wild Bull Curry
Kodiak- 750 lb. Bear in an eight man elimination bout


Friday, March 31, 1950
The Palisades- McKeesport, PA

The Great Togo vs. Bobby Ford
Dick Trout vs. Joe Montana
Bud Curtis vs. Jack Vansky

Thursday, December 22, 1949
Beaver Falls High School Gymnasium- Beaver Falls, PA

Cyclone Anaya beat Jack Carter 2-1
1-Anaya in 18:00
2-Carter in 10:00
3-Anaya in 5:00

Ray Bentley beat Frank Marconi in 18:17
Pancho Valentine beat Lim lewis in 12:00
Suni War Cloud & Bob Ford beat Billy Venable and Jack Vansky 2-1
1-Venable beat Ford
2-War Cloud beat Vansky
3-Ford beat Venable


Friday, February 7, 1936
Auditorium-Ottawa, Canada
Promoter: Queensbury Club
Referee: Fred Bourguignon

Dick Raines beat Bibber McCoy 2-1
1-McCoy in 9:57
2-Raines in 15:20
3-Raines in 8:20

Rowdy Rudy Laditzi drew Tom Alley 45:00
Jack League beat Antoine Parkin 10:22

Tuesday, February 3, 1942
Vincentian Institute Gymnasium- Albany, NY 8:30pm

Winner faces Maurice LaChapplle (Dominion Light Heavyweight Champion):
Joe Campbell vs. Jim Austeri  2/3 falls

Pat Fraley vs. Abe Stein  1 fall 45:00
Tom Dennenbaum vs. Angelo Savoldi  1 fall 30:00
Fred Bruno vs. John Venski  1 fall 30:00


Saturday, November 2, 1957
Beach Arena-Daytona Beach, FL  8:30pm
Matchmaker: Saul Weingeroff

Ladies US Television Championship: Nell Stewart (C) vs. Corrine Cordero
Jerry Christy vs. Jack O'Reilly
Tom Speers (formerly Achilles the Heel) vs. Doran O'Hara

Tuesday, March 11, 1958
Lake Worth Arena-Lake Worth, FL

Argentina Rocca beat Ted Christy 2-0
Southern Girls title: Judy Glover (C) beat Nell Stewart 2-1 (won 1st and 3rd fall)
Sandor Kovacs beat Harry Lewis by DQ in 19:00