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Saturday, December 30, 1978
Bayfront Arena-St. Petersburg, FL

NWA Heavyweight title: Harley Race (c) beat Mike Graham 2-1
1-Graham in 30:00 with the figure 4 leglock
2-Race by countout in 5:00
3-Race by countout at 7:10 (42:10 total time)

Southern title: Terry Funk beat Dick Slater (C) to win the title in 22:00 with an agreed upon "one-count" rule deviation
Florida title: Joe LeDuc (C) beat Lobo (sub for Mr. Uganda) by backbreaker submission in 10:07
US Tag Team title: Killer Karl Kox & Jim Garvin (c) beat Buddy Wolff & Thor the Viking in 15:04 when Garvin pinned Wolff
Winner receives NWA title shot: Dory Funk Jr. drew Jack Brisco 20:00
Boxing (10 rounds or less): Rocky Johnson beat Sonny King in round 5 when King used a doctored glove to kayo Johnson
Jerry Brisco beat Tenryu
Ali Bey beat Raul Matta
Herb Calvert drew Prince Tonga

Sunday, December 2, 1973
Uptown Arena-Modesto, CA  8pm
Promoter: Johnny Miller

World tag team title: Kinji Shibuya & Mr. Saito beat Rocky Johnson & Pat Patterson (C) 2-1
1-Johnson beat Shibuya
2-Saito beat Johnson
3-Johnson UTC; bout awarded to Shibuya/Saito
Don Muraco beat Bob Griffin  2-1 (won 1st and 3rd falls)
Peter Maivia beat Rick Renaldo


Friday, February 5, 1971
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO  8:30pm

North American Tag Team title: Nature Boy Kirby & Rock Hunter  (C)  vs. Bob Geigel & The Viking
Central States title: Harley Race (C) vs. Danny Little Bear
John Tolos vs. Great Mephisto & Bobby Paul (Tolos must beat both in 20:00)
Spike Jones vs. Baron Von Heisinger
Sandy Partlow vs. Kay Noble


Friday, January 12, 1973
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA   8:45pm
Promoter: Johnny Miller

Pepper Gomez & Pat Patterson vs. Great Mephisto & Luke Graham  2/3  60:00
plus one other sixty minute bout and a 20-minute opener


Friday, December 25, 1959
Miami Beach Auditorium- Miami Beach, FL

Antonino Rocca beat Hans Schmidt 2-1 (won 2nd and 3rd falls)
Eddie Graham & Angelo Poffo beat Tito Carreon & Don Curtis
Ella Waldek beat Dot Dotson (sub for Mae Weston)
Dory Funk beat The Red Menace by DQ


Monday, January 29, 1940
Montreal Forum- Montreal, Canada
Attendance: 5000
Promoter: Eddie Quinn

Yvon Robert beat Ernie Dusek  2-1
1-Dusek in 18:00
2-Robert in 13:32
3- Robert in 6:08

Maurice Tillet, Angel from Rheims beat American Angel Pat Riley in 3:57
Lou Thesz beat. Mayes MacLain in 13:38
Carl Pojello drew Marvin Westenberg 30:00

Monday, August 12, 1935
Borchart Field-Milwaukee, WI

World Light Heavyweight title: Charles (Midget) Fischer (C) vs. Frank Malcewicz
Everett Marshall (Colorado version World Heavyweight title claimant) vs. George Zarnas
Duke Ruppenthal vs. Al Wescott   1 fall


Monday, November 19, 1934
Selby Open Air Arena-Portsmouth, OH

Light Heavyweight title: Midget Fischer (c) beat Joe Montana 2-0
1-Fischer in 34:00 with a piledriver
2-Fischer in 2:00 with an airplane spin

Dick Griffith (sub for Mysterious Mister X) drew Gorilla Parker 1-1
1-Griffith 14:00 2-Parker 14:00  3-time ran out
Dick Tanski drew Jack Smith 20:00

Saturday, August 25, 1973
Memorial Auditorium- Spartanburg, SC   8:15pm

Rip Hawk vs. Nelson Royal (with Jerry Brisco in the corner)  -Thunderbolt Patterson barred from Auditorium during the match, faces a $1000 fine if he appears

Johnny Ringo & JD Lewis vs. Bill White & Mike Hall
Frank (The Alaskan) Monte vs. Jerry Brisco
Peggy Allen vs. Belle Starr
Mike (The Alaskan) York vs. Jack Durpree

Thursday, November 26, 1942
Erie Street Market (aka Toledo Civic Theatre)- Toledo, OH

Babe Kasaboski & Wild Red Berry drew Soldier Thomas & Buddy Knox 90:00 1-1
1-Thomas beat Kasaboski in 23:00
2-Knox beat Berry in 5:00
3-time limit expired

Rene LaBelle beat Jack Vansky 2-0


Sunday, October 10, 1982
Chestnut Street Gym- Nashua, NH  8pm

Ivan Putski vs. Playboy Buddy Rose  1 fall 60:00
Superstar Billy Graham vs. Chief Jay Strongbow
Swede Hanson vs. Jules Strongbow
Curt Hennig vs. The Black Demon
Pete Doherty vs. Salvatore Bellomo

Friday, August 21, 1970
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Attendance : 612

Jerry & Bobby Christy beat Sweet Daddy Siki & Gorilla Marconi
Bob Sweetan beat Dan Babich
Gil Hayes beat Dan Kroffat
Ed Sullivan beat Thunderbolt Cannon


Tuesday, September 9, 1941
Melody Mill Arena- Dubuque, IA  8pm

Navjo Singh (The Hindu Killer) vs. Jack Clybourne
Mike Kilonis vs. Faro Rinaldi
Joe Millich vs. Earl Malone