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 Posted: Sun Nov 28th, 2010 03:34 am
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One Fan Gang wrote: Thursday, July 14, 1977
Oxnard Community Center-Oxnard, CA 
Promoter: Bob Bockwinkel

Chavo Guerrero (sub for Tom Jones) beat America's champion Texas Red in a non-title bout
Mexican Death Match: Roddy Piper & Gorgeous Keith Franks beat Chavo Guerrero & Victor Rivera
J.J. Dillon NC Rebel Bill Ash
Big Bad John beat Rock Riddle

Bob Bockwinkel known to AWA fans as referee Bob Warren. Warren Bockwinkel divorced Nick's mother and married again. So I'm not sure if Bob and Nick had the same mother. Bob also reffed in So Cal as Bobby Bockwinkel.

Nick's other sibling Dennis wrestled for a short time using the names Dennis O'Brien and Dennis Bockwinkel. Dennis was a very troubled guy from all accounts and died at a rather young age.

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