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 Posted: Sun Nov 28th, 2010 06:26 am
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I keep making all these mini folders of search items as time allows; I tend to try and isolate a person and a time frame I believe they were active.  I have a bunch of links that I click on initially, then email myself the links so I have them all at the ready for when I get a few minutes to delve into them.  Some names give me ideas for others to search. 

Guys like Lou Plummer, who I had heard about as late as the late 50s, have data going back to his heyday of the early 30s.  I have upcoming searches for Bibber McCoy, Tony Marino, Rocky Johnson, Great Mephisto, Jack Vansky, Nell Stewart, Ethel Brown, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and more from the pride of Butternut, WI, Charles "Midget" Fischer.

Also, have a wide range of results from searches done under the standard ad copy of 'opening bout', 'semi windup' and 'main event'. 

I'd be curious to know if any of the Florida results I've chosen are new to your files, claw.  I tend to gloss over a lot of the listings if they were major FLA towns because I believe so much of it has already been documented theru MOTH's Pick A Card feature on KM.  I could be persuaded to include more Florida stuff if there apppears like more could be mined from the archives. 

On some of the finishes for multi-fall bouts I have cut back on listing the holds and specifics because they start to look so similar.  "A hook scissors and body press" finish doesn't seem right for example, as I can't wrap my brain around how one leads to the other.  I'm more concerned with fall times and eccentric happenings that seem relevant.  Some historian I am.

I am trying to get an idea of the repertoires of some of these old timers by the depth of these match descriptions.  In one result, Dirty Dick Raines finished off an opponent using what sounds much like the Oklahoma Stampede, crashing an opponent's back off multiple turnbuckles before delivering his famed backbreaker finale.  This is around 1931, long before Bill Watts or Steve Williams adopted the tactic. 

Some of the creative finishes of the day are prototypes of what might be seen today or during my time as a fan, and that tends to bring a smile amid the endless quest to find new material. 

Claw, let me know if you are finding a region or city that has a lot of new coverage from these results and I might start isolating searches that way at some point.  Also curious if anyone else has taken anything away from this long list.  Maybe it's about time to close this thread out and start anew.