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 Posted: Sun Mar 16th, 2008 07:33 am
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8/16/75 Chattanooga
Bullwire match
Jackie & Don & Sonny "Roughhouse" Fargo beat Bill Dundee & Chris Colt & Bill Colt
Bob Armstrong no contest Mongolian Stomper
Tojo Yamamoto & Tommy Rich beat Karl Von Steiger & Otto Von Heller to win US tag team title
Robert Fuller beat Frank Morrell
Phil Hickerson beat Buddy Diamond
att: 5,000+

9/13/75 Chattanooga
Bob Armstrong & Robert Fuller beat Mongolian Stomper & Ivan Koloff
No time limit, no dq
the Interns beat Jackie Fargo & Pepper Gomez
Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condrey beat Tojo Yamamoto & Tommy Rich
Rip Hawk beat Buddy Diamond
Jerry Barber beat Jim Kent
Att: 4,200

9/20/75 Chattanooga
No time limit, no dq
Mongolian Stomper & Ivan Koloff beat Bob Armstrong & Robert Fuller
Jackie Fargo & Pepper Gomez beat the Interns
Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condrey drew Tojo Yamamoto & Tommy Rich
Don Carson & George Gulas beat Rip Hawk & Otto Von Heller

9/30/75 Louisville
Bill Dundee & Mongolian Stomper vs Robert Fuller & Bob Armstrong
The Interns vs Jackie Fargo & Pepper Gomez
Cowboy Parker & Ken Dillinger vs Joey Rossi & Bearcat Brown
Tommy Rich & Tojo Yamamoto vs Jim Kent & Tony Santos
Dennis Condrey & Phil Hickerson vs Eddie Marlin & Buddy Diamond

10/16/75 Chattanooga, TN @ Memorial Auditorium
Twelve man ‘rassle royal for $1000
Loser leaves for six months
Southern champion Bob Armstrong vs Mongolian Stomper
Masked Interns vs Don Carson & Randy Fargo
$150 vs. masks
Eddie Marlin & Tommy Marlin vs Masked Golden Hawks
Jim Kent vs Buddy Diamond

10/21/75 Louisville, KY @ Gardens
Masked Interns vs Eddie Marlin & Bill Dundee
Norvell Austin vs Jerry Jarrett
Tojo Yamamoto & Tommy Rich vs Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condrey
Bob Armstrong vs Darrell Cochran
Mike Loren vs Don Carson

11/1/75 Jonesboro Arkansas
Bob Armstrong beat David Shults
The Interns beat Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee

11/5/75 Nashville Fairgrounds Arena
Masked Interns vs Bob Armstrong & Bill Dundee
Jackie Fargo & Don Carson vs Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condrey
Jerry Lawler vs David Shults
Tommy Gilbert vs Mike Loren
Tommy Rich vs Bill Costello

11/18/75 Louisville
The Interns vs Jackie Fargo & Jerry Jarrett
Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condrey vs Eddie Marlin & Tommy Gilbert
Southern Champion Bob Armstrong vs Dick Dunn
Bearcat Brown & Joey Rossi vs Mike York & Bill Costello

9/17/76 Huntsville, AL @ Madison County Coliseum
No dq Match
Bob Armstrong vs Roger Kirby
Southeastern Tag Team Champions Masked Superstars vs Robert Fuller & Tommy Rich
Gorgeous George Jr vs Rip Smith
Loser leaves town
Bearcat Brown vs Norvell Austin
Butch Malone vs Frankie Laine

9/29/76 Nashville, TN @ Municipal Auditorium
No time limit, No dq Match
Mid-America champion Bob Armstrong vs Roger Kirby

I might have more Chattanooga cards. I'll check a different file tomorrow.

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