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 Posted: Mon Dec 13th, 2010 04:35 am
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LAF wrote:
DaNkinator wrote: Fucking Jets are dirty....tripping up the Dolphins CB on the sidelines. 

That was ridiculous, and that guy should be given a nice fine for that.

NFL really punished the Buffalo market for the blackout with these shitburger games today. Packers-Lions and then Jets-Dolphins. The NFL is just horrendous this year, and it's been getting worse the last few years. The Browns-Bills game sounded terrible on the radio too. Watching Chad Henne and Mark Sanchez attempt to play QB was painful.

The jackass on the Jets should lose his job, not just be fined, and not be allowed to work for any NFL teams ever. IMO that is up there with Woody Hayes punching the kid as the worst ever among truly classless acts of sportsmanship. Imagine the lawsuit if the Dolphins guy blew out his knee...

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