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 Posted: Mon Jan 3rd, 2011 05:01 pm
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beejmi wrote: khawk wrote: Angelic Assassin wrote: 10-John Fox

No offense but I call bullshit picking Fox after it was announced that he won't be back.

I'm not saying entering the picks a bit late shouldn't be allowed but not Fox in this situation.

I'll put up standings later.

Let me consider what to do with Fox because we have the unusual situation of knowing his fate while he was still coaching a game. My knee-jerk reaction is to "allow" the points for those that submitted before the 12-31-2010 midnight deadline and to disallow after that. I believe the news of him not being brought back broke on the 31st but the only parameter we had in place was a 12-31-2010 midnight deadline. And the picks were in private so as to discourage copying.

If I go in that direction I will bump Angelic Assassins other picks up by one point.

Fox was such a "gimme" I can't believe everyone didn't have him as a ten point pick even before the announcement.

Most people knew Fox wouldnt be back, after last season, it was all over the media, that his contract was up this year< and he wouldnt be asked back.......

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