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 Posted: Mon Jan 3rd, 2011 06:26 pm
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stingmark wrote: beejmi wrote: khawk wrote: Angelic Assassin wrote: 10-John Fox

No offense but I call bullshit picking Fox after it was announced that he won't be back.

I'm not saying entering the picks a bit late shouldn't be allowed but not Fox in this situation.

Fox was such a "gimme" I can't believe everyone didn't have him as a ten point pick even before the announcement.
I didnt pick him because I knew last season, he wouldnt be back...kinda the concensus all year.

That sort of makes him more-than-obvious as a choice though, doesn't it? If you knew it so far in advance and didn't choose him, that's on you. Mangini getting fired is pretty much the same thing...more-than-obvious that he was gone at season's end, but I forgot to pick him. That's on me.

Anyway the picking of Fox by anyone that submitted it before January 1st isn't the issue in my mind, but AA submitted his/her picks after january 1st, and possibly after it had been "oficially" announced that Fox would not be back. that's the only reason I called BS on that specific selection by that specific poster being allowed.

Whatever Beej or Claw rule on this is all good.