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 Posted: Sun Nov 4th, 2007 07:13 pm
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2/7/03 Chris Hero beat CM Punk in 2/3 falls in 93 minutes.  That was the last 90 minute match I know of. 

Dave Prazak, the commentator that night and a usually accurate wrestling historian (he posts on several message boards too) actually made a mistake though, although now the details are foggy.  He said it was the longest match since blah blah blah and when I posted on OSW to check the accuracy Claw told me he got one of the participants wrong (honest mistake, no reason for Prazak to kayfabe that).  Claw, refresh my memory.  I'll look for the thread in OSW too.

And here it is:

I just finally saw the CM Punk-Chris Hero 90+ minute match from 2003. At around the 80-minute mark, commentator Dave Prazak says in anticipation of the match going the distance he did some research trying to find the last 90-minute match and the last one he could find was Dory Funk, Jr. vs. Al Madril in 1975. I don't think that's accurate. A few minutes later, either a fan or a wrestler from the back shouted up that Randy Savage and Bobby Eaton went 90 minutes in 1978 for Nick Gulas' promotion but Prazak said he never saw mention of that in his research. Didn't Flair and Steamboat go 90 minutes several times for Mid-Atlantic in the early '80s? And has anyone ever heard of this Savage-Eaton match because that sounds awesome if it happened? Also the official time for Punk-Hero was announced as 92:15. Can anyone find a match that went longer? I'm sure you results freaks can dig up some good shit on all of this.


Prazak got Dory Jr confused with Jack Brisco.

7/22/75 Dallas
Referee Danny McShane
NWA Champion Jack Brisco drew Al Madril 90:00
Red Bastien (sub Jos Leduc) & Jose Lothario beat Billy Graham & Steve Strong
John Tolos beat Gran Marcus
Mad Dog Vachon beat Gordon Nelson
Geoff Portz beat Bill Howard

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.