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 Posted: Sun Jan 9th, 2011 03:25 am
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mike3775 wrote: DaNkinator wrote: Nice of the refs to give that game to the Jets....considering Edwards pushed off in order to get that catch and didn't draw a flag for it. I don't blame the officials at all

If the Colts Defense had actually attempted to you know, play defense, that play would never have happened.  Also if the Kickoff team had actually stopped the run farther back after the FG, again, that catch not happen

If the Colts had gone for the 1st down and not a FG with 5 minutes left on 4th and 4, who knows how much more time the Colts could have taken off the clock

Nope, the officials didnt cost the Colts the game, the shitty defense and shitty offensive play calling cost the Colts

The 8 yard gain to the 34 was the play that I could not believe the Colts let happen and he got out of bounce. 

A great game.  2 great games.