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 Posted: Tue Jan 11th, 2011 05:38 pm
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tofu_chipmunk wrote: Bix wrote: John Nord's "muffler" story (Which is still funny even knowing it's made up):

From another forum:

Black Bart's shoot is awesome for sheer BS level:

He claims Dusty Rhodes came up with the Undertaker gimmick, and that Black Bart was supposed to play that character.

He also claims he's the biggest locker room legend in today's WWE (for his antics back in the day)

Piper had a warrant for his arrest, so Bart pulled a car up to the ring w/ Piper in the trunk, popped it, Piper wrestled, and then hopped back in the trunk and they took off.

Oh God, Black Bart actually just claimed he was offered 180 grand to star in a Fox Network sitcom based on his, Dutch and Moondog Rex "Desperodos" gimmick. Flair told The TBS execs "We can't have these jabronis star in a show" So WCW released them and the Sitcom was canceled.

Ronnie Garvin would get sexually excited when you worked "stiff" with him.

He actually called himself vs Sam Houston a "Main event" match. Of course the place was sold out, and of course they had such a great match, the other 4 "Main Events" of the evening couldn't compare.

Vince McMahon wanted to bring him in and work the upper midcard and offered him a "job for life", Bart declined, so when he went to WWF a year or 2 later, Vince made him a jobber out of spite.

A week after Mike Von Erich got out of the hospital, Bart carried him in a match for 45 minutes, then asked the ref "Is this the boy who just got out of the hospital?" After the ref said yes, Bart said "Oh **** " and took Mike down and pinned him.

When David Von Erich died he laid in his hotel room for 2 weeks with the A/C shut off and stayed there til Fritz came to Japan 2 weeks later and snagged the body.

He claimed to have threatened Jose Gonzalez (Brody's killer) with a knife shortly after Brody's death.

Bart said in 1991 the ring crew was all 18 or 19 year old ***** men, and Vince had a tour bus for them, and would spend an odd amount of time on the bus with the gays.

He also says Lanny Poffo was gay, and came on to him. Vince found out Bart told Lanny off, and Bart was released shortly there after...

Black Bart spouted that much bullshit, and didn't even bring up his own brand of potato chips?
In Bart's case, he probably believed  alot of this.  Hell Dusty wolf James Beard and all his "friends" probably told him half this crap and then Bart took it and ran with it.  He never seemed like the sharpest knife in the drawer.