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 Posted: Thu Jan 13th, 2011 03:26 am
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With me as a kid when I first started school in the late 70's the two powerhouses in hockey it seemed was Montreal and The Islanders. I hated Montreal and Toronto probably because there are a lot of fans of both from where I grew up. I always loved Mike Bossey and co. Once he retired I wasn't following hockey much then Mike Modano entered the league and he became my new favorite player and I became a big North Star/Star's fan. One of my proudest moments as a sports fan was when The Stars won the cup in '99.
Now that he's pretty much finished career wise, with the injury and all, I'm slowly reverting back to the Islanders.

Now with football growing up we got all the Maine network affiliates and then that switched to Boston, so there were/are a lot of Patriots fans around including my Father and a couple family members. I was always one to rebel and go against the grain as a kid so I remember my Dad watching a Jets-Patriots MNF game when I was 11 or so and I made a bet with him just for fun that The Jets would win...Ever since I've been a Jets fan. I always will be now too as I bleed green.

I loved the Mets teams of the mid 80's when I was a young kid getting into baseball, so they became my team because of that. Plus I totally DESPISE the Blue Jays as that is all you hear about in Canada when it comes to baseball.

Plus I like the city of New York and like cheering for the New York teams...except the Knicks. If they ever get their shit together though and make the finals some year and The Lakers aren't there with them, I'll probably cheer for The Knicks to win.
Don't mind The Rangers either. Not a Yankees or Devils fan at all. The Giants, I can take in small doses. It all depends on who they're playing and whether the outcome will benefit The Jets somehow. It's all about The Jets in the NFL with me...And The Mets in MLB too.

In basketball I had an older cousin I looked up to who was/is a HUGE Celtics fan and I remember just rooting for The Lakers to get a rise out of him when they were going at it tooth and nail back in the mid 80's. They've been my favorite team ever since and I couldn't imagine cheering for any team but L.A. I remember the season I first started watching basketball seriously and started rooting for The Lakers they ended up losing to The Lakers that year.