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 Posted: Thu Jan 13th, 2011 08:37 pm
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The Ultimate Sin wrote: 6. Your favorite player plays for a team outside your area.

Before I was a fan of MLB my Dad bought me the Rod Carew Batting Trainer, so Rod was my favorite player. I started following baseball in 78 so the Twins were my team, but I switched to the Angels when Carew was traded in 79. The Tigers are always a close second.

I became a Bucs fan when I started following the NFL. I was in Upper Michigan which is Packer Country, but my Dad was a Lions fan. All the kids at school were getting NFL Varsity Jackets, and I wanted one too, but I wasn't going to wear the Lions or Packers to school. (1979- They were the worst and 3rd worst teams in the NFL IIRC)

I wanted to be original and other kids I knew had the Dolphins, Rams, Cowboys, Steelers, Raiders, and Vikings, so I went with the Buccaneers. They were tough in 79. I've been a Bucs fan ever since.

And you give me shit all the time about liking someone besides a Detroit player, and you're not even a Detroit fan? isn't that funny. YOU have nothing to say to me then, ALL of my teams are from Detroit, and I follow them first and foremost. I do follow a few others, but, not as much as Detroit teams.

Im a fucking Lions fan, you have to be a die hard to be a Lions fan. And Sin, YOU of all people should know: things werent always as rosey for the Wings as they have been in recent years. They stunk for many many years. I remember going to the Joe w/my buddies, and we'd wear bags over our heads and call ourselves(along with many others folks in the house), "Dead Wings fans". But, I stuck with them, through thick and thin, you have to IMO. Just like I do with all the other teams.

On a side note: Many Laker fans are bandwagon fans. Didnt like em when: Sedell Threat, or Nick Van Exel played for them, but now that they're winning, there are all these "Die hard" Laker fans "all of a sudden"?

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