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 Posted: Fri Jan 14th, 2011 12:50 am
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mike3775 wrote: Papa Voo wrote: I finally go into the temp folder and there is no music file in there just a bunch of cookies and stuff. 


This computer is going to get thrown across the room!!!


Does anybody know how to change the path of where something is downloaded even though the computer automatcially does it?  It does not ask me where to download it?  Is there anyway I can change the destination?
If you use Firefox, go to tools, options, general and on downloads, select the folder you want it to go to.  On my PC's/laptop I have a folder on the desktop labeled "downloads" and everything I download goes to that.

Do you have indexing turned on for your hard drive?  If so, search for the file you are looking for in the search box in the windows button.

That is the weirdest thing, Mike.  I have Vista, and it usually asks me where to download things.  But when I download from this site, there is no prompt, it just starts downloading to destination:  "Temporary Files".  Stupid ass stuff.

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