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 Posted: Fri Jan 14th, 2011 02:25 am
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stingmark wrote: On a side note: Many Laker fans are bandwagon fans. Didnt like em when: Sedell Threat, or Nick Van Exel played for them, but now that they're winning, there are all these "Die hard" Laker fans "all of a sudden"?

Hey now, I loved the Nick Van Exel/Eddie Jones era of The Lakers, but I get what you're saying. Back when I was a kid and became a fan of them there were a ton of Laker fans around, then after 'Showtime' ended they seemed to disappear and all of a sudden everyone was wearing Bulls gear. Then all of a sudden in the late 90's when Kobe, Fischer and O'Neil came along everyone was wearing Laker's gear again.
There used to be a lot of Orlando Magic fans in the early 90's too, but they all vanished once Shaq left town.
Now I'm noticing a large number of Miami Heat fans walking the streets. Funny though I never saw much Heat clothing being worn when they won their championship five or six years ago. I guess they weren't as 'hip' and 'cool' as they are now back then, even though they won that title.
I also remember even though The Raiders I don't think were doing much on the field back in the very early 90's when playing in L.A., but a few gangster rappers wear Raiders hats and 'BOOM' every homey white and black boy was wearing LA Raider gear. I'm serious, The Raider's must have made a KILLING at that time in clothing sales as everyone was wearing that shit. Remember those stupid fucking ball caps that had the metal plate on the front with "Raiders" written on it?
As far as hockey I'm seeing a lot of Penguins gear being worn here around Halifax, but that is understandable as this is Sidney Crosby's hometown. Still though, makes you wonder what teams these people were cheering for before Sid The Kid came into the league?

I remember when I bought my first Minnesota North Star hat and wore it to school for the first time. I was the laughing stock of the school that day. They didn't laugh too long as come playoff time the Stars stunned everyone(including me) by making it to the finals against The Penguins.