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 Posted: Tue Jan 18th, 2011 10:03 pm
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1. Vikings lose to the Falcons in the 1998 NFC Title Game. How did they manage to blow that game?

2. Gophers lose to Kentucky in the semis of the 1997 Final Four. I've never rooted as hard for any team as for the 1996-97 Minnesota basketball team.

The Gophs had always been an "almost" team. That year they won the Big Ten Title in commanding fashion, finished the regular season ranked #3 nationally, #1 seed in the Midwest Region, included 4 future NBA first round draft picks and a 5th who could and should have been, Bobby Jackson had the best all around season of any player I've ever seen wear the Maroon and Gold, and the atmosphere in Williams Arena was electrifying all year long. To be in Indianapolis at the Final Four with big shots like Kentucky, North Carolina, and Arizona was a dream come true.

I knew that winning the national title was unlikely, as was making the final, but being a fan means having hope and it was so disappointing to watch it end. Then the NCAA violations came to light and that season has been Stalinized out of history. The accomplishments have been wiped out, the banners were taken down, and as fans we can't even properly reminisce about it since technically the run never happened and the U can't acknowledge it as having happened. So no reunions or special commemorative events.

3. Vikings lose to the Saints in the 2009 NFC Title Game. Seeing what's become of the team this year and knowing the Vikes won't get as good a chance for a long time just makes it hurt more.

4. Vikings lose to the Giants in the 2000 NFC Title Game. I never considered the Vikes favorites as a road team, despite what some said at the time. However, I also never thought they'd lose 44-0 either.

5. Too many other games to mention.