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 Posted: Sun Jan 23rd, 2011 07:04 pm
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stingmark wrote:
The Ultimate Sin wrote: stingmark wrote:
 The Ultimate Sin wrote: Found it...

Here's the thread. You started making veiled sexual remarks about Sakic (and Jeter) in your second post and they continued throughout the thread. You'll notice I pointed out your homosexual tendencies, but I see you have edited those parts out of your posts.

Show me the part where i said i wanted to "suck his cock"? i didnt say that, YOU SAID THAT. Thank you for proving my point, and proving you're full of shit, and dodged the question as usual.

Are you related to Greg Price by chance? Thats straight out of his book.


Now, im going to post on my shitty Lions board, you know, where the "real Lions fans" go? You should be out using your time to find a Bucs board, maybe they'll appreciate your humor more there? wink wink...nudge nudge.

As stated in the post you said it, but edited it out. Look at the thread. Almost everyone of your posts was edited after we all started calling you out for your veiled homosexual thoughts.

Why are you continuing on with this? is there no Bucs board you could be on, chatting away, talking about how you want to pickle gargle: Ronde Barber, Rod Carew and Gary Gaetti?

Again with the homosexuality. Dude, why do you think other people desire to suck the cocks of their favorite athletes. Quit projecting and get some counseling.

May I offer you some salt and vinegar chips?