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 Posted: Wed Jan 26th, 2011 10:09 am
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thanks a few things in there I didn't have , you only have a partial for this one

81/01/10 Kitchener, ON
Bob Markus W Charlie Fulton
Don Kernodle D Frankie Laine
Tony Parisi/George Wells W/DQ Ivan Koloff/Destroyer
Masked Superstar W Ray Stevens
Angelo Mosca/Blackjack Mulligan W Bobby Duncum/Iron Sheik

same for this one

81/01/13 Niagara Falls, ON TV Taping
Tony Parisi w Iron Sheik
Roddy Piper/Iron Sheik w Frankie Laine/Earl Pinnock
Ivan Koloff w Don Kernodle
Angelo Mosca w Brian McNee/Charlie Fulton
Ivan Koloff w Brian McNee
Sweet Ebony Diamond w Tim Gerrard
Ric Flair w Charlie Fulton
Sweet Ebony Diamond/George Wells w Destroyer/Charlie Fulton
Joe/Bob Markus w Tim Gerrard/Chris Jones
Iron Sheik w Earl Pinnock/Alex Girard
Angelo Mosca/Ric Flair w/dq Ivan Koloff/Roddy Piper

results for this one

81/02/26 - Kingston, ON
Angelo Mosca W Great Hossein
Mad Dog Vachon & Dewey Robertson W Bobby Duncum & Kurt Von Hess
Sweet Ebony Diamond W/COR Swede Hanson
Frankie Laine D Billy Red Lyons
Tony Parisi W Ron Ritchie

full results

81/05/25- Dundas, ON "T.V. Taping"
Tony Parisi & Bruno Sammartino Jr W Charlie Fulton & Tim Gerrard
Mr. Fuji W Abe Jacobs
Dewey RobertsonW Charlie Fulton
John Bonello W Alex Gerrard
Mr. Fuji & Ray Stevens W Frank Monte & Nick DeCarlo
Tony Parisi & Bruno Sammartino Jr W Kurt Von Hess & Charlie Fulton
Roddy Piper W Bob Marcus
George Wells & Dewey Robertson W Kurt Von Hess & Charlie Fulton
Mr. Fuji W Big Mac & Earl Pinnock - Handi-cap match
Ray Stevens W Frank Monte
Roddy Piper W/COR Abe Jacobs
Ray Stevens W George Wells
Dewey Robertson b. Roddy Piper by DQ

81/08/11 - St. Catherine's, ON
Jay Youngblood W/DQ Ivan Koloff
Andre the Giant W Ray Stevens & Destroyer - Handi-cap match
Tony Parisi & Steve Bolus W Bob & Joe Marcus
Billy Red Lyons D. Frankie Laine
Nick DeCarlo W Goldie Rogers

thanks also for this one , I have a photo from this bout with the Toronto ring , ref hadn't been able to place it till now !

8/29/81 Buffalo, NY
Ric Flair & Jay Youngblood beat Ole Anderson & Mr. Fuji

the Koloff Sheik feud was heel vs heel IIRC

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