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 Posted: Thu Jan 27th, 2011 01:25 am
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stingmark wrote:
The Ultimate Sin wrote: stingmark wrote:
The Ultimate Sin wrote: khawk wrote:
Stingy isn't talking to you. Youre' not a "real fan", remember? ;)

Oh yeah I forgot. I just thought he followed those teams.

I follow Detroit teams, you said so yourself.

Again your lack of basic reading comprehension has led you to make an incorrect statement.

I follow the Red Wings and Pistons. In fact they are my favorite NHL and NBA teams respectively.

I follow the the Lions and Tigers. In fact I root for them, but they are not my favorite teams. If there were a such thing as a second favorite they would be my second favorite teams.

As an example earlier in this thread you mention being a Michigan fan, but also a Miami and Arizona fan. I'm not sure what you don't understand about having the ability to follow more than one team since you claim you follow more than one.

You're not a Tigers fan, you're an Angels/Twins fan....because of your love for all things Rod Carew.

I am a die hard Detroit everything, and, I dont really follow other teams. I certainly dont come on here, and claim to know all about AZ/Miami football, then claim Im a fan of some other team, like you do. I like those teams somewhat, and would like to see them win, IF my team(Michigan) doesnt win.

Since Ive been posting here and elsewhere, Ive let it be known Im a huge Detroit fan.

Again, who really gives a flying fuck anyways? You continue getting all butt hurt over anything I say, that doesnt coincide with what YOU like? Look how much of a fucking fuckstain you looked like, when you got all butt hurt about me saying I liked Joe Sakic, and thought he was a great player? Anyone knows that. But, there you are, being a fucking shitstain, getting all butt hurt over it. I said I didnt have tio check with you or anyone as to who I thught was/is a great player, and I dont. YOU took offense to it apparently, as you ALWAYS do, and then keep shit going, because you're just a stupid fuckstick.

Then, you started with the "you're a fucking homo...blah blah blah". and claimed i wanted to 'suck off" Nolan Ryan, when i said I licked him as a kid. Why? because you have nothing else better to do, and you can stand the fact that someone else say something, and you cant get in the last word. You have homosexual tendencies, were you ass raped as a child, or diddled as a kid? You seem to have so much experience talking about it, one would wonder if it were you who was/is a poop pincher?

Think whatever you want........I couldn't care keep bringing it up.....time for it to end.....get a hobby.


Again your lack of reading comprehension is our problem. I'm going to try sentence fragments with question marks. Maybe if I speak your language you'll be able to follow along.

A. Haven't been a Twins fan since 1978?
B. Not "butt hurt"? you liking Sakic didn't hurt my feelings?
C. You did say you wanted to suck off Ryan? Will quote next in post?
D. Look at our two posts? I made a post about the Lions, Pistons, Wings, and Tigers? You turned it into a discussion about homosexuality and child molestation? It sounds like you are getting to the root of your issues, and that's healthy? Good for you. I really do hope you get help.

May I offer you some salt and vinegar chips?