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 Posted: Thu Jan 27th, 2011 01:33 am
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stingmark wrote:
The Ultimate Sin wrote: 6. Your favorite player plays for a team outside your area.

Before I was a fan of MLB my Dad bought me the Rod Carew Batting Trainer, so Rod was my favorite player. I started following baseball in 78 so the Twins were my team, but I switched to the Angels when Carew was traded in 79. The Tigers are always a close second.

I became a Bucs fan when I started following the NFL. I was in Upper Michigan which is Packer Country, but my Dad was a Lions fan. All the kids at school were getting NFL Varsity Jackets, and I wanted one too, but I wasn't going to wear the Lions or Packers to school. (1979- They were the worst and 3rd worst teams in the NFL IIRC)

I wanted to be original and other kids I knew had the Dolphins, Rams, Cowboys, Steelers, Raiders, and Vikings, so I went with the Buccaneers. They were tough in 79. I've been a Bucs fan ever since.

You're not even a Tigers fan either, you're an admitted Twins/Angels fan, so again, why do you comment about things/teams you dont follow, or know nothing about?


Lets see, you're not a Lions fan, you're a Bucs fan, yet you claim to be a fan of the Lions, but, you';re not. Same w/the Tigers? I bet you're not a Pistons fan either.

I find it comical to say the least, that you're so worried about something i said about some other player, and you're not even a fan of 3-4 Detroit teams? yet, you find the need to try to be funny, and claim I said something i didnt say about a non Detroit player?

I like Nolan Ryan too, uh oh, now i want to suck him off too? he's not a Tigers player, nor did he ever play for a Detroit team. had no idea, i had to run anything i like by you?

Read the highlighted part of your post. You said it, not me.

May I offer you some salt and vinegar chips?