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This listing comes from the publication, "WRESTLING King of Sports"  Very cool publication put out by Joseph Shedlock.


2/02/81  Branford, ONT  T.V. Tapings

* Jimmy Snuka pinned Joe Marcus

* Angelo Mosca and Ric Flair beat Ivan Koloff and Jim Nelson (Mosca put sleeper on Nelson)

* Tony Parisi and Johnny Weaver beat Tim Gerrard and Jim Nelson

* Jimmy Snuka and The Iron Shiek beat Joe and Bob Marcus

* George Wells and Frankie Laine beat Ivan Koloff and Tim Gerrard.  (Wells pinned Gerrard)

* Jimmy Snuka beat Alex Girard and Brian McNee  (Girard was pinned)

* Tony Parisi and Johnny Weaver beat Joe and Bob Marcus

* Ric Flair beat Jim Nelson with figure four

* Jimmy Snuka beat Brian McNee

* DARK MATCH- Angelo Mosca  DDQ  The Iron Shiek


5/11/81 Taylorsville, N.C.- Mr. Fugi and Tenryu lost Mid-Atlantic TTC to Dewey Robertson and Johnny Weaver

5/16/81 Cincinatti, OH- (missing a match in above listing) Frank Monte pinned Charlie Fulton


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