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Full results for.....

February 5 1981 - Sumter SC - Jimmy Snuka, Ray Stevens and Gene Anderson beat Masked Superstar, Paul Jones and Sweet Ebony Diamond by DQ....Johnny Weaver beat Jacques Goulet....Ron Ritchie beat Jim Nelson

March 1 1981 - Greensboro NC - Ivan Koloff and Ray Stevens beat Masked Superstar and Paul Jones for The NWA Tag Titles.....Roddy Piper beat Ric Flair.....Mr.Fugi and Tenryu beat Dewey Robertson and George Wells....Bobby Duncum beat Don Kernodle...Cy Jernigan beat Charlie Fulton...Tony Tosi beat Ricky Ferrara...Ben Alexander beat Ricky Harris

March 22 1981 - Greensboro NC - Masked Superstar and Paul Jones beat Ivan Koloff and Ray Stevens for The NWA Tag Titles.....Ricky Steamboat beat Jimmy Snuka....WWF Champ Bob Backlund beat Bobby Duncum....Mr.Fugi and Tenryu beat Sweet Ebony Diamond and George Wells....Bruno Sammartino Jr beat Gene Lewis...Don Kernodle beat Kurt Von Hess....Jim Nelson beat Ricky Ferrara