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 Posted: Wed Feb 2nd, 2011 10:54 am
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2/4/81 Raleigh, NC(TV)
Ric Flair & Blackjack Mulligan beat Gene Lewis & Jim Nelson

You have this same result on Raleigh TV the next week on Feb 11th. Did it happen twice?

3/22/81 Asheville, NC
Ric Flair & Blackjack Mulligan beat Roddy Piper & Greg Valentine
Iron Sheik beat Johnny Weaver
Swede Hanson beat Steve Muslin
Dewey Robertson & Ron Ritchie beat Ben Alexander & Charlie Fulton

You have this card listed twice with a different match order.

Fisherville, VA

I always see this town listed as Fisherville, but I don't think there is a Fisherville, VA. I'm pretty sure it's Fishersville.

Sorry if I get super nit-picky about wrestling results.

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