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 Posted: Fri Feb 18th, 2011 12:59 pm
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Dec.18,1959-Natl.Guard Armory  California Death Battle-Mighty Atlas vs Hungary's Hyjmar,2 out of 3 Falls-Mystery Girl Irish Angel vs Germany's Vit Vit Shalimar,All Girl Tag Match,Boxing Champ Yukon Harry vs Mad Russian Karamcoff

Aug.11,1961-Tyrone Holder vs Mountain Boy,Masked Dutchman vs The Moose,Wilmer Van Hoyt vs Don McGee plus tag match

Apr.22,1972-Reeves YMCA-The Bolos vs Don Colt and George Becker,Betty Blue vs Joyce Becker,Billy Blue Rivers vs Rock Riddle

May 19,1972-Mt. Airy Junior High-Hair vs Mask-Great Bolo vs Hoss Strickland,Tammy Jones and Rock Riddle vs Joyce and George Becker,Ripper Ox vs Billy Welch,Dizzy McShane vs Billy Blue Cloud

June 8,1974-Reeves YMCA-Bobby Williams and Red Rogers vs Lea Teal and Texas Menace,Mike Reeves vs Buddy Porter,Big Doug Hawkins vs Otis Sprouse,Mike Wray vs Johnny Hunter

June 22,1974-YMCA Gym- Mad Dog Teal vs Steve Dalton,Handicap Match-Big Boy Hawkins vs The Viking and Joey Wilson,Mike Hill vs Jan DeMarco,East Coast Title-Johnny Hunter vs Great Bolo plus 10 man Battle Royal for $1500.00   *NOTE-on the same page,right next to the write up is a clipping-same date-different matches....Battle Royal w/ Hunter,Bolo,Teal,Bruiser Sprouse,Mike Reeves,Doug Hawkins,Pete Colt,Dalton,Vic Eagles and Mike Wray,also Pete Colt vs Vic Eagles,Bolo vs Hunter,Dalton vs Sprouse,Hawkins and Reeves vs Porter and Teal

March 28,1975-Reeves Community Center(IWA)-Tony Romano def. Red Rogers,Sonny Sawyer def. Mike Wray,Rip Hawk and Ivan Koloff vs Thunderbolt Patterson and Jim Wilson-Double DQ,Bolo vs Seminole Jim(no result)

Jan. 15,1977-Another page with a write up that does not match the clipping-Clip-Eastern Title-Johnny Hunter(champ) vs Bolo,Outlaws 1&2 w/ mgr. Mike Wray vs David Forrester and Bruce Gallagher,4 more matches including Tiny Tom 405 lbs.,Hartford Love,Mike Wray,Ricton Link,Pink Graham,Tinker Todd,Tony Romano and others. Write up-Wray and Tom vs Mr.X and Texas Menace,Brass Knucks Title-Link vs Todd,others including Pink Graham,Red Rogers,Demons 1&2,Black Panther,Buddy Porter,Romano and Love

Jan.21,1977-Fairgrounds-Adams Bros. vs Royal Bros.,Greg Smith vs Leonard King plus 4 more matches.

Jan.21,1978-Reeves Community Center-Danny and Bobby"Bo"Doyle and Rick McCord vs Jim and Larry Tucker and Playboy Barry Hill,World Heavyweight Championship Match-Greg Smith vs Stanley Flair,US Heavyweight Championship Match-Jr. Adams vs Eclipso (managed by Big Eddie),Don Hogan vs Executioner #1,Invader vs Executioner#2

Dec.2,1978-Natl. Guard Armory-Sampson The Wonder Bear vs 2 wrestlers,Chief Black Eagle and The Crusader vs Tyler Brothers (managed by Billy Hines),Natasha(Florida champion) vs Kaye Dempsey,Snow Roseboro vs Bulldog Krump plus 1 more match

May 12,1979-Natl. Guard Armory-Steve Savage and Chief Navajo vs Johnnie Mike and Jim Nelson,Eclipso vs Ron Houk,Iron Man Mike vs Lenny White,Invader vs Jake Howard,Lumberjack vs Wildman

Jan.25,1986-Natl. Guard Armory-US Ladies Title Judy Martin vs Candice Pardue,Mr.Nature vs Cowboy Raye,Cage Match-Country Boy Haystacks Greens vs Mike Savage,Grappler#1 vs Rick Rambo,Grappler#2 vs Jumpin Jerry Starlin,Doug Gray,Randy Angell and The Rickster vs Mike Mauler,Sgt. JC Harrell and The Rebel

Questions and comments.Anybody want more from here?

Who was Stanley Flair?Greg Smith-did he work the OLD Deep South(Jody Hamilton's)? Sgt.JC Harrell-would that be Jim Nelson?