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 Posted: Tue Feb 22nd, 2011 12:50 pm
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Took my wife who is a huge fan and has sen him more than 10 times.  He played Raleigh at the RBC Center.  Our setas were on the lower level far back of the arena so we moved to the prioritry lounge and stood behind the VIP and Handicap spots and watched. 

Billy Falcoln Opened and was an 11 piece band from Nashville, kind of Springsteenish.  A guy from Kentucky said he saw them open for Southside Johnny 30 years ago so that makes sense.  I want to be the guy playing tambourine in an 11 piece band. 

Bon Jovi came on at 8:45 and played till 11:10.  Played all the hits and some new ones.  Did a cover of Pretty Woman (whole song) in the middle of Bad Medicine.  About 10:20 a couple leaving gave us their second row tickets so we moved and watched the rest of the show up close which made my wife happy.  I know all the radio hits and a few I recognize from her CDs so it was an OK show.  But usually concerts are sausage fests.  This show was a taco fest.  75% chicks some really hot, some not, some 40-50 year old rocker chicks with their hair sprayed up and trying to squeeze into leather pants they had in 1987.  My wife had a great time but probably would have been better had she gone with her usual group of girls.  Not a bad show not a great show, good people watching show.

Encored with Dead or Alive and Livin on a Prayer which were fun sing alongs.

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