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 Posted: Tue Feb 22nd, 2011 01:45 pm
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srossi wrote: BayouBoogie wrote: What is this "he" business? Bon Jovi is a band where each member has equal ownership.  The front man is Jon Bon Jovi nee Bongiovi LOL

Just bustin y'all's balls.

Does each member really have equal ownership?  I saw him on Larry King maybe 3 months ago and he pretty much said the band is all him, he makes the decisions, he surreounds himself with talented people, and they go along with what he says.  Seriously, he said that.  He's got one hell of an ego and has fallen into the Bono category now where he's a brand unto himself and he only plays music in between running a conglomerate and saving the world.

I've seen him and Sambora on TV saying that they all signed contracts years ago giving the band equal ownership among the original members. They claim they split the money earned by the band equally among the 4 originals (I don't think they ever gave the bass player they've had for almost 20 years official membership), though Bon Jovi and Sambora get more on publishing for the songs they write.




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