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 Posted: Mon Feb 28th, 2011 08:43 pm
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Cory17 wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote: Cory17 wrote: Penner to the Kings for Colton Teubert, 2011 1st Round, and conditional draft pick.  Steal for the Oilers.

I think Edm should've kept Penner and got rid of Hemsky, Myself.  I'm surprised that Edm didn't get a player off of the Kings Roster, instead of the conditional pick.

You just need to see Penner play every day, he can score, but he is just lazy, he likes to coast, and make tons of terrible passes.  The Oilers are in full rebuild mode, this gives them another 4.3 million to use if needed.  Not that big ticket free agents want to play here.

I think that Penner fits a better need for the Oilers then Hemsky does currently. The Oilers don't really have that Power Foward that every team needs. Hemsky is a very skilled player, but They already have a few of Them. They still need Defense and a Goalie of the future. I think that Edmonton does some trading at the Draft this year.