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 Posted: Tue Mar 1st, 2011 02:29 am
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The 1970's was my favorite decade for baseball, because I was too young to enjoy and have knowledge about the 1960's. 

I remember the Pittsburgh Pirates having an outfield of Omar "The Antelope" Moreno in centerfield and Dave "The Cobra" Parker holding down right field in the late 70's.  Left field was platooned with the likes of Bill Robinson, John Milner and Mike Easler. Moreno and Parker were steady starters. 

Prior to Moreno playing centerfield, it was Al Oliver.  Before Parker in right field, there was Richie Zisk, Manny Sangilluen and the 70's began with Roberto Clemente.  Willie Stargell was in left field until 1975 and then the players like Zisk and Oliver were given stints. 


For the Philadelphia Phillies, my memory recollects an outfield of Greg Luzinski in left field, Gary Maddox in centerfield and Bake McBride and his afro in left field. Jay Johnstone and Mike Anderson preceded McBride in right field.  Del Unser and Willie Montanez were in place in centerfield before Maddox.  I cannot remember Montanez playing anythign other than first base.

Anybody else have memories of steady players in outfield positions during the 1970's?

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