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 Posted: Tue Mar 1st, 2011 03:07 am
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The 1970's Yankees:
LF-Roy White or Sweet Lou Piniella
CF-Bobby Murcer, Elliott Maddox and later Mickey Rivers
RF-Oscar Gamble or later Reggie Jackson
They had some great outfields, hitting-wise. Reggie was a terrible RFer.

1970's Dodgers: Lf-Dusty Baker, RF-Rick Monday, RF-Reggie Smith. Those guys were nothing to sneeze at.

Neither was the Big Red Machine: LF-George Foster, CF-Cesar Geronimo and RF-Ken Griffey

Early 70's As: LF-Joe Rudi, CF-Bill North, RF-Reggie Jackson

1970's Red Sox: LF-Yaz, later Rice, CF-Fred Lynn, RF-Dwight Evans. Hard to top two HOFers and one borderline (Evans).

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